PCLC  honors the courage our clients demonstrate in seeking help outside of their family and friend circle.  

Further, we understand that our purpose is to provide compassionate, professional help communicated in every aspect of our work.
What is life coaching?
Life coaching helps people improve their lives in very refined/specific ways;  such as, dealing with spiritual hurts, changing careers, getting, keeping and maintaining healthy relationships with others, losing weight, and/or deepening their self understanding for example. It is different from conventional therapy in that there  is more of an equal balance of power between the client and the coach. Life Coaching focuses more on the present and the future than  on the past.
WELCOME.  We're glad you're here!

Professional Christian Life Coach (PCLC) offers coaching programs tailored for individuals from all backgrounds. We encourage Believers, Military personnel/Veterans and Senior Citizens to contact us with their concerns.

We're here to help.
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Elder John M. Moyd, Jr.,  Administrator
Minister Charline Kinard Moyd, MSW
     Life Coach/Licensed Minister